Working with Justin has been just pure pleasure. He is energetic, anxious to learn and provides a solid service. My business is a young aggressive company that is 3 years old and runs very lean on head count. Justin has taken over the role of accountant and human resources and jumps in whenever necessary to assist other areas in which he can learn and grow from the experience. I thought my books were in order and organized when Justin began working with Priority One but he soon showed me there was so much more he could provide than what I was doing before he joined the team. Let it be known that Justin is a quick learner. I know you have heard this comment about others before but until you experience it with Justin you can't possibly understand how efficient and effective he can be for your accounting/office needs. For all of these reasons I wish Justin the best as he grows his accounting services company and know he will be a true asset wherever he goes.

Dawn Daugherty‐ 05/04/2011
President/CEO of Priority One Clearing Services, Inc.