My wife and I have been searching for someone that we can trust to do our taxes for years. We have tried doing them ourselves, and, as ashamed as we are to admit it, have often visited the closest H&R Block just to get it over with. This year we chose J. Rosen Financial Data Services after receiving a recommendation from a friend (and reading some reviews). The entire experience was outstanding. Justin's service was incredible, and he truly made us feel as if we were actually an important facet of his business rather than just another number (like was obviously the case at H&R Block). When doing personal taxes, we've found that the most important factor is to have confidence with your final submission. And unlike every single submission in the past, one thing that we definitively feel about this year's submission is just that, confident. Thank you Justin.

Lance and Bethany Arvidson ‐ 09/04/2011